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Welcome to our web-site pages!                                               

Yablonevy Sad Farming Enterprise   -    is the leader in mass apple growing as well as producing planting material for fruit and berry crops in Gomel region. Growing garlic is a new farming line that we initiated in 2010.

Yablonevy Sad Farming Enterprise was founded in 1997 and over its fifteen-year history has become one of the best fruit and berry producers in Gomel region. Being faithful to the chosen way Yablonevy Sad is continually developing using the best practices in this sphere combined with the latest scientific achievements.

Owing to the responsibility and skilled work of our team we annually harvest heavy yields of apples. The experts of Yablonevy Sad Farming Enterprise guarantee quick and quality fulfillment of your orders in the shortest possible time. We take account of the customers' wishes concerning the wholesale supply of fruit trees planting material as well as the fruit and berry produce. Our regular customers enjoy a convenient and flexible discount system!

Yablonevy Sad Farming Enterprise - that's a reasonable practical solution for wholesale purchase of fruit and berry produce!

             We are looking forward to fruitful cooperation!