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Yablonevy Sad Farming Enterprise - is a successful agricultural enterprise specializing in production and selling planting material for fruit and berry crops, garlic seeds as well as growing and selling apples of middle- and long-term ripening period. The total area of the farmland is 240 hectares. Gardens occupy 96 ha of this, 61 ha is rendered suitable for berries, nursery gardens take 6 ha. Garlic is grown on the area of 35 ha.

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The head of Yablonevy Sad Farming Enterprise is Alexander Bondarchuk. Competent managerial approach, professional experience and entrepreneurial skills let this person not only launch manufacturing of quality agricultural produce in commercial scale, but also earn a reputation and put farming enterprise "Yablonevy Sad" up to a high market level in fruit and berry produce manufacturing in Belarus. Moreover, Alexander Bondarchuk has made his business family-operated: his wife Alla Bondarchuk keeps tabs on finance and accounting, his son Aleksey is the senior agrotechnologist of the enterprise, his daughter Olga deals with legal issues while another Olga, his daughter-in-law, holds responsibility for the quality of the produce grown.

Year after year Yablonevy Sad gathers pace, expanding its specialization and introducing the latest European technologies into manufacturing in the sphere of fruit and vegetable farming. Technical support of the enterprise allows to take the necessary agrotechnical measures in compliance with the technology of planting material yielding, growing fruits, berries and vegetables. The farming enterprise has at its disposal effective sprinkling machines, berry harvesters, tractors, cutters, spraying machines, machines for planting fruit trees and harvesting operations, as well as a good deal of other equipment and facilities for effective modern horticulture. Besides, Yablonevy Sad Farming Enterprise has facilities to store the produce grown. We have fruit storages with regulated temperature conditions with 2500 ton capacity as well as a storage module for keeping 2000 ton of vegetables.

Industrial processing of the grown produce is one of the planned directions of the farming enterprise's activity. Acquiring a horticulturel processing facility in Kalinkovichi town in 2010 will enable us to start processing fruit, berry and vegetable raw materials in the nearest future. At the present time reconstruction and modernization of the facility is under way.

Yablonevy Sad pays special attention to implementing science-based technologies. Our experts have developed and tested a new technique of determining the optimal harvesting terms for apples long-term storage, which is based on defining physical and chemical indicators of ripeness. Application of this technique in apple growing is not only economically sound, but also allows to get quality yields suitable for long-term storage. Moreover, the results of experimental and testing work of our specialists serve as the base for annual seminars on the regional and republican level in the sphere of fruit and vegetable farming.

                 Yablonevy Sad Farming Enterprise offers the produce of excellent quality for fair price!  

                                                              We are looking forward to mutually beneficial cooperation!