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For more than 10 years Yablonevy Sad Farming Enterprise has been growing its produce in compliance with intensive technologies. Planting material on small-stature stocks allows to plant from 1 to 1,5 thousand trees per hectare. Starting from the 4th year such gardens yield more than 25 ton per ha and thus pay out completely.

Annually we produce 800-900 ton of apples that are preserved in fruit storages with regulated temperature conditions. It allows us to sell fresh produce all year round..


Modern technologies and equipment make it possible for our enterprise to:

  • yield fruit and vegetable produce of high quality,
  • plan manufacturing and selling politics according to the goals of the enterprise,
  • conduct independent research work and implement scientific technologies into the manufacturing process,
  • develop and expand production up to the economically attractive scale,
  • provide facilities for stimulating creativity of the staff,
  • grow import-substituting produce, thus ensuring region and country security in fruit and vegetable raw materials;
       Purchasing a processing facility was a new step in Yablonevy Sad Farming Enterprise development. We are currently renovating and upgrading its processing equipment to be able to process the fruit and vegetable produce that we grow ourselves. 

         Yablonevy Sad Farming Enterprise is looking to cooperation with investors and prospective customers!!